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The most powerful, most flexible QuickBooks ever.


Most Popular Features

NEW! Multi-Monitor Support

Make QuickBooks Enterprise solutions faster and more efficient! Have reports, data entry screens, and lists all viewable simultaneously. Increase your productivity and tailor your setup directly to your hardware.

Job Costing

Track your job costs automatically in QuickBooks Enterprise as you pay bills, employees, vendors, and subcontractors.

Combine Reports from Multiple Files

If your company operates from multiple locations, save time and avoid costly errors by consolidating financial reports in 1 step.

Disallow Selling to Customers

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions now gives you the powerful option to prevent selling to a customer who is overdue on their payments.

See Business Data at a Glance

The Company Snapshot feature helps you stay on top of your business from a single screen, with data presented just the way you want it.

Add Up To 30 Users

QuickBooks Enterprise supports 1 to 30 simultaneous users, scaling with your business as it grows. Adding more users after your initial purchase is easy.

Inventory Reports

Customizable inventory reports including Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Stock by Item, and Assembly Shortage.

Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum
Speed up the picking process and reduce data entry errors with mobile inventory barcode scanning*. Send sales orders to workers on the floor, scan inventory within a warehouse, and transfer the data wirelessly. Work across multiple warehouses or anywhere that has an internet connection.


*Handheld device sold separately.

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Advanced Reporting

Included with all QuickBooks Enterprise versions
Now, discover untapped insights into how your business is running with the all-new Advanced Reporting feature in QuickBooks Enterprise solutions. Access all your QuickBooks data to build any report you need. With enhanced searching and filtering, and much more, it’s Intuit’s most customizable QuickBooks reporting tool yet.

QuickBooks Enterprise also continues to offer the flexibility you love by allowing you to combine multiple company files and to create custom reports using ODBC-compliant applications.

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QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

  • Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold and Platinum
    With QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, let Intuit handle payroll, compliance & tax laws. Features include:

    • Instant paycheck for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors
    • Automatic tax calculations
    • Free direct deposit
    • Federal and State forms completed for you
    • Electronically pay and file taxes, including W-2’s at year-end
    • Print W-2’s & forms for employees

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Advanced Inventory

Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum
Intuit has integrated an advanced inventory management system directly into QuickBooks Enterprise – with the same user interface. There is no need for a separate inventory management system, software, or data integration. You just scan inventory and serial numbers with a scanner and QuickBooks takes over, putting your data in the correct fields automatically. And if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you!

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Advanced Pricing

Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum
Built exclusively for QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Advanced Pricing lets you control, customize, and automate your pricing, right within QuickBooks. No more manual updates — now you can easily change your prices to keep your bottom line upwardly mobile.

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QuickBooks Priority Circle

A new program with premium benefits 
When you buy any edition of QuickBooks Enterprise you’ll receive free access to a dedicated Intuit point of contact whom you can reach via their direct line and email to address your specific product needs and questions. Your Intuit customer success manager can:

  • Connect you to our top US-based customer care agents and onboarding specialists
  • Provide access to free QuickBooks training classes
  • Help ensure you’re on the right products for your business
  • Work with you to understand your business needs and help you achieve your goals
QuickBooks Online Plus Monthly Subscription

Easy to setup, learn and use. Create professional online invoices in just a few clicks.Reduce manual data entry errors by automatically downloading your bank and credit card transactions. Access 40+ insightful built-in reports to understand the health of your business. Manage your business on the go by accessing your account anywhere, anytime on any device. Expand your QuickBooks Online functionality by easily syncing with 350+ apps. Seamlessly collaborate with your accountant to make tax time a snap. Live US based phone support at no cost.

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Simple Start




Track income and expenses and see how much money you’re making

Send and track invoices

Download and automatically organize bank and credit card transactions

Print checks and record transactions

Import data from Excel or QuickBooks desktop

Back up your data online automatically

Strong security measures so only you access your info

Access your data from a tablet or smartphone

Snap photos of receipts so you’re ready for tax time

Invite up to two accountants to access your data

Integrate with available applications

Set up invoices to automatically bill on a recurring schedule

Manage and pay bills from vendors

Enter bills and schedule payments for later

Compare your sales and profitability with industry trends

Control what your users can access

Track billable hours by customer

Handle multiple currencies

Create and send purchase orders

Track inventory

Manage 1099 contractors

Give employees and subcontractors limited access to enter time worked

Create budgets to estimate future income and expenses

Categorize your income and expenses using class tracking

Track sales and profitability for each of your locations

Smart reporting powered by Fathom

Import invoices

Custom user permissions

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Premium care with Priority Circle

Self-paced online training

Number of people who can access QuickBooks Online





Number of built-in business reports





Pay W-2 employees and file payroll taxes

Available with Online Payroll Subscription

Available with Online Payroll Subscription

Available with Online Payroll Subscription

Available with Online Payroll Subscription