QuickBooks Setup

Sure, purchasing the software or subscription is fairly easy, but the set-up and use of it doesn’t come close! QuickBooks is as powerful a tool as it is because of its seemingly endless potential. It’s intricate and nuanced, and most users don’t begin to scratch the surface of all it has to offer. When you buy the software with On Track, we help you get set up so you don’t become most users. In addition to showing you how to enter what into which fields, we also guide you through its many nooks and crannies, and prepare you for more proficient use of the giant software.

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Benefit 1

We will help you choose the right version for your needs. QuickBooks has a lot to offer and it can quickly become overwhelming to choose.

Benefit 2

We will share your screen and tangibly walk you through the process of getting set up and knowing how to find everything you need.

Benefit 3

Benefit from the time spent together and learn tips and tricks for better use!